Modern Dentistry: Sleep Medicine

23 Apr



Modern dentistry means using new and innovative techniques to treat common dental problems. Dental Sleep Medicine is a modern way to treat sleep apnea, a problem that effects well over 50% of the American population. People with sleep apnea stop breathing up to 30 times per hour, depriving the brain of oxygen which can cause death.

Traditionally, these patients need to wear CPAP mask: a face mask worn during sleep which is connected to a pump that forces air into the the airway and stimulates normal breathing. Many people do not wear the device because it it very uncomfortable to sleep with a tight mask and hose covering the face. It makes them feel claustrophobic interferes with intimacy.

In 2006, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine approved dentists to make an intra-Oral device that opens the airway. 

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Modern Dentistry: Botox

23 Apr


Modern Dentistry means using new and innovative techniques to treat common dental problems. Botox is a modern way to treat overactive muscles of mastication (chewing) which can cause pain in the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). People who grind and clench their teeth fall into the category of those over-using these muscles. The result is muscle pain (orofacial pain) and often times, broken teeth.

Conventionally, these patients are prescribed a mouthguard to be worn while sleeping. However, most patients do not comply with wearing the guard as they find it difficult to sleep with the appliance in their mouth.

Even in cases where there is compliance, the mouth guard is very effective at protecting the teeth, but muscle pain is not completely alleviated. Thus, strong pain medication would need to be prescribed in order to control the pain.

Using botox injections in the proper location can alleviate the pain, stop the muscle overactivity and prevent broken teeth.

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Modern Dentistry: Pinhole Surgical Technique™ with Dr. John Chao

23 Apr


Have you ever heard the phrase “long of tooth”? That, as one gets older teeth start to appear as though they are longer? The cause of this is gum recession, a process in which the gums are moving away from the chewing surface, or the (crown) of the tooth. This leaves the tooth’s sensitive root surface visible and exposed. The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ was developed by Dr. John Chao as a way to fix this problem.


I was honored to meet Dr. Chao and learn how to perform this simple technique in-person. It does not involve scalpels, grafting, additional surgical sites or sutures making it less-invasive so that more sites can be treated simultaneously. Plus, the results are immediate.

To compare, the conventional methods only allow a maximum of 3 teeth to be treated at one time. They also include an additional surgical site that needs to heal and numerous sutures to hold the graft in place.

This conventional method requires more surgery visits, more pain, and results that require at least 6 weeks to materialize. Often times, conventional grafting does not decrease the length of the long tooth; but rather helps develop a thicker band of tissue that slows the process of gum recession.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ does both: reducing the amount of gum recession and creates the thick band of tissue.
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Defining Modern Dentistry

23 Apr


Modern dentistry means using new and innovative procedures to treat dental problems. As a practicing dentist for over 24 years, I’ve been able to see the progression of technology within the field of dentistry. I’ve made it my mission  to implement new technology as it becomes available so that my patients can receive optimal care. The concept of modern dentistry fits right in-line with who I am both as an individual and as a professional.

Some of the procedures included in modern dentistry are: The Pinhole Surgical Technique to treat patients who are ‘long of tooth’, Botox to treat people who have TMJ pain, Mini dental implants as a less-invasive way to replace missing teeth, and implementing the modern way to treat treat sleep apnea by using oral appliances rather than the traditional CPAP machine. 
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Learn more about the woman herself: LUCY HOBBS, DDS!

13 Mar



This April, I, along with six other women dentists will be receiving Lucy Hobbs Project Awards at the 5th annual celebration Presented by Benco Dental. I will be graciously receiving the Lucy Hobbs Project Clinical Expertise Award for seeking advanced education and training to create solutions for patients’ needs.

None of this would be possible without the first American woman to earn a degree in dentistry, Lucy Hobbs, DDS.

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Read Hobbs’ biography here:

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3 Days Till Christmas!

22 Dec


Happy Holidays from Dr. Andrea Joy Smith Family Dentistry!


Happy Holidays from Dr. Andrea Joy Smith Family Dentistry!

22 Dec

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