#Vermont: Molly Stark students recognized for #oralhealth essays (via @banner_news)

6 Jun


The Bennington Oral Health Coalition and Hoisington Realty presented three Molly Stark fourth graders with gift certificates to the Bennington Bookshop for exceptional essays on oral health.

The Oral Health Coalition, and local dentist Dr. Robert Cauley, made a presentation before Donna Stone’s fourth grade class in April about ways to keep your teeth healthy. They then challenged the students to explain to them why healthy teeth are important. Kathy Hoisington and Vicki Wilson of Hoisington Realty, the sponsor of the essay contest, were on hand, along with Lisa Kazazean of the Oral Health Coalition, to hand out prizes to the winners and certificates to everyone who participated.

The first place winner was Emily Marie Perry, followed by Deanna Oakes in second, and Alexander Cluett in third. “It was a hard group to pick winners from, you all did a great job,” said Hoisington. Perry received a $25 gift certificate, Oakes received $15, and Cluett got $10.

In her essay, Perry wrote that “Your teeth are important because you can use them to chew stuff that is hard. Your teeth are important because you need them to talk. Your teeth are also important because you need them to chew a lot of food and so you can swallow food so you don’t choke.”


The three winners and 11 of their classmates read their essays aloud in front of the class, including Connor Barrett, Alison Cancellieri, Braeden Billert, Caleigh Gordon, Regan Hurley, Tyler Jaenecke, Kloi Granger, Jocelyn Millette, Ryan Lin, and Christopher Wilder. Other students that participated but didn’t get to read their essays were Raven Luce, Johnathan Miner, and Izaih Tallman.

Oakes, in her essay, asked what might be the most important question of all. “I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t smile,” she wrote, “How would I show that I was happy? With my eyes? I don’t think so.”

Source: http://www.benningtonbanner.com/localnews/ci_28241931/molly-stark-students-recognized-oral-health-essays


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