Brighter Futures Community Grants Program Seeks to Help Fund Local Oral Health Programs (via @VirtualStrategy)

1 Jun


The Delta Dental Foundation is currently seeking applications from community-based oral health programs and organizations in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana for its Brighter Futures Community Grants program. A submission deadline of Sept. 30, 2015 has been set.

Across the tri-state area, the program will award $150,000 in grants to organizations that specifically focus on children’s oral health and $100,000 in grants to organizations that primarily address oral health in adults. Each grant request will be considered and carefully reviewed in terms of eligibility and conformity with the guidelines.

In 2012, Delta Dental introduced Brighter Futures, an initiative dedicated to improving oral health for all children and adults through early education, advocacy and philanthropy. In particular, Delta Dental is committed to increasing awareness about the importance of good oral health and helping improve a person’s oral and overall health and well-being.

“Through our Brighter Futures Community Grants program, we are proud to support local programs that are focused on helping improve and promote good oral health in the communities we serve,” said Teri Battaglieri, director, Delta Dental Foundation. “By increasing access to dental care and educating children and adults about the importance of good oral health, we can ensure that more people receive the quality care they need to be healthy and to avoid serious, expensive and unnecessary health problems down the road.”

Submission guidelines include:

  •     Brighter Futures grants are limited to a maximum of $5,000 per grant.
  •     Grants must be dedicated to local not-for-profit programs designed to promote oral health in Michigan, Indiana and/or Ohio.
  •     Of particular interest are programs designed to promote/improve the oral health of underserved or at-risk populations and to those which have an oral health education component.
  •     Only one proposal per organization per year will be considered.

Upon submission, Delta Dental will evaluate each application based on factors such as the program’s focus on children, potential value to the community, measurable results and the level of local community support it attracts.

Recipients will be announced in December 2015.

For a grant application, additional guidelines and eligibility requirements, visit

About Delta Dental Foundation
The Delta Dental Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization established in 1980, which serves as the philanthropic arm of Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina. The Foundation’s goals are to support education and research for the advancement of dental science, and to promote the oral health of the public through education and service activities, particularly for those with special needs. For more information, visit



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