LSU School of Dentistry getting $58.4 million federal grant for Hurricane Katrina damage (via @nolanews)

17 Mar

Dental - LSU

After years of impasse, the Federal Emergency Management Agency Tuesday announced Tuesday (March 17) that it has approved a $58.4 million grant for the LSU School of Dentistry related to flooding damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

The announcement comes after years of back and forth negotiations between the school and FEMA officials and intervention from former Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La, and Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans.

The school is located at 100 Florida Ave. in New Orleans.

After Hurricane Katrina flooded its buildings in August 2005, the LSU School of Dentistry created a temporary dental school on the LSU South Campus in Baton Rouge. It returned to its home campus in New Orleans in 2007.

According to Richmond’s office, the centerpiece of the mitigation and restoration project is construction of an elevated Annex that will house clinical and research functions that were located on the 1st floor of the school’s Clinic Building and in the shared basement underneath the Clinic and Administration Buildings.  The addition will house the 17 chairs for the Dental Schools faculty practice and restore the practice’s ability to generate revenue.

Currently the faculty practice is operating in a very small area with only 5 dental chairs.

Richmond’s office said this has severely limited the school’s ability to generate revenue to offset reductions in state funding.

In addition, the Annex will house mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment that supports the two main buildings. The equipment was located in the basement destroyed by Katrina flood waters.

“The LSU School of Dentistry has been among the most prestigious institutions in the region for decades,” Richmond said. “This funding from the Department of Homeland security will allow LSU to not only restore their facilities from damage incurred before the storm, but also modernize the program to ensure that it remains one of the premiere professional schools in the nation.”



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