Behind The Smile Launch Brand New App (via @WebWire)

25 Oct

192081-1Ever sat in a dentist chair and been told you might need a filling/dentures/crown? Well at the touch of a button you can have all the information you need about many types of cosmetic dentistry procedures including the risks benefits and average costs. Completely free and easy to use, just download the app and you have all the information you need to make the right choice at your fingertips.

The partner app to the Behind The Smile website contains informative articles written by dental professionals and has been designed to present users with impartial information on a range of surgeries like tooth whitening, veneers and complete smile makeovers.

The app which is now available for Apple iPhones and tablets also includes some great features -including a “Toothbrush Timer” for adults and children – perfect for finding out exactly how long you should be brushing your teeth for and a fun way of encouraging youngsters to brush their teeth properly. The free app also includes an innovative “find a dentist” function that allows users to search for dentists near their location and the particularly useful ‘Send Us a Selfie’ function, where users are encouraged to send a picture of their dental issue to a qualified dental professional who can offer advice and assistance and deliver it direct to their Apple device.

For those thinking about having any cosmetic dentistry or surgery as well as those wanting to know how they can improve their smile, the new Behind The Smile App is a must have – pocket sized information perfect for those on the go.

Chris Dean of Behind the Smile adds comment about the new app. “At Behind The Smile, our focus has always been on providing visitors to our site with the expert advice they need to make the right decision regarding their cosmetic dentistry. Now however, we can offer a more personal service through our ‘Send Us A Selfie’ function and provide people with the information they need on the go. This helps prevent people making hasty decisions that could prove damaging down the line and increases awareness of any alternative treatments available.”

Download the new app from Behind The Smile today available for Apple devices on the App Store and make sure you’re making the right decisions about your cosmetic dentistry.

Behind The Smile is ‘An Insiders Guide to Cosmetic dentistry’ offering expert and impartial advice to those who are looking for information on cosmetic dental surgery. Visit for more information and download the app here.



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