Free oral healthcare to be provided by Oral-B to people of Accra (via @spyghanacom)

4 Apr


Procter and Gamble, makers of Oral-B healthcare products, has in collaboration with the Ghana Dental Association launched the “Oral-B Mobile Dental Clinic”, a campaign to provide free oral healthcare to the public in Accra.

During the campaign period, a project bus comprising a dentist and other health professionals will make stops at populated areas — usually a market — where the dentist conducts general dental check-ups for various tooth-conditions of patients.

Based on the results of the check-up, the dentist will then recommend dental health-tips to help the patient maintain proper dental hygiene. Patients that visit the mobile dental clinic can also have a self-test using a swab that is rubbed on the teeth and gums to quickly access the health condition of their teeth.

Ms. Nsimah Inem, P&G’s Commercial Operations Leader, Greater West Africa, explained the rationale behind the initiative: “The mobile clinic demonstrates one of the tools that Oral-B is using to achieve proper oral hygiene among consumers.

“Through this campaign, we want to educate consumers on the need to have hygienic oral care using Oral-B products. We also want them to know that brushing twice daily with Oral-B all-round protection toothpaste will make one’s teeth healthier and stronger.

“This is because Oral-B contains stannous complex — an antibacterial ingredient that helps protect the mouth against gum problems, sensitivity, tooth-holes as well as tartar, stains and bad-breath.”

Ms. Inem said the public has come to accept Oral-B because currently about half a million Ghanaians are using it, and she believes the campaign will throw more light on the immense oral benefits of the product.

“The mobile dental clinic is a year-round project to make hygienic oral health accessible to all. The bus will spend days at a specific location to address the oral needs of consumers. We intend to move from Accra to Kumasi and beyond to make the exercise more beneficial to the public,” she said.

Dr. Asante Appiah, Vice President, Ghana Dental Association, advised the public to make it mandatory to have a dental check-up at least once every year because oral hygiene plays a crucial role in the general wellbeing of an individual.

“Oral health is very important, and going to see a dentist normally costs a lot of money. Nevertheless, it is important that individuals set money aside for dental care.

“We have a current ratio of two dentists to three hundred patients in the country. Government’s attention is low due to economic pressure, but it all depends on the individual to be conscious about good oral hygiene,” he said.

Dr. Appiah said the Ghana Dental Association periodically educates the public on oral hygiene and lauded the initiative by Oral-B which, he said, will improve the oral health conditions of consumers.



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